From Moral Distress to Moral Resilience: A Regenerative Approach

What to do when meditation, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy does not work.

There is a growing awareness of the urgent need to understand the impact of moral distress and suffering on individuals' and society's quality of life.

Moral distress is the conflict caused by transgressions of one’s moral code by an individual or leadership.  It occurs when we suffer and feel the pain of being separated from our goodness and from what we need to thrive.

Because moral distress is not a well known concept, people are unaware of how it impacts theirs and others' wellbeing.  

Being able to identify it, label it, and become more familiar with moral distress, is not only empowering...

It helps to pave the way to start a journey to  cultivate moral resilience and transform negative emotions into benefit.

Join MaRi Eagar in this presentation about this very important and relevant mental and emotional health topic.

Course curriculum

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    1. Watch the replay : Moral Suffering and Distress: When meditation, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy does not work

    2. Ideas for taking action

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Lead Designer MaRi Eagar

Trained professionally as a public auditor and accountant and holding a Masters degree in Leadership Development (cum laude), MaRi is Canadian award winning Innovator, working professionally as a strategy, design thinker, innovation and leadership development professional in big four consultancies, public services, health care, financial services and emerging tech and culture. She now brings her skills to the emerging regenerative business innovation movement, with a focus on accelerating business adoption, utilization and investment in regenerative enterprise. Her vision is to support corporate professionals to master the new skills required to thrive in the new world we inhabit.