What is Regeneration?

Regenerate: Regenerata: To reproduce, to bring forth again

"1. To effect a complete moral reform in

2. to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or condition.

3. to revive or produce anew; bring into existence again.

4. Biology. to renew or restore (a lot, removed, or injured part).

5. Physics. To restore (a substance) to a favorable state or physical condition."


Regenerative Design Thinking:

The philosophies, perspectives, principles, models, practices, technologies, data and tools to ideate, design, activate and cultivate regenerative education, innovations, business models, projects and communities.

Creating a regenerative life means working towards improved quality of work, life and play that is not only more in harmony with nature, but also abundant, happy and anti-fragile (in this rapidly changing world).

Regenerative purpose and action unites people from different walks of life.

Why we build this online training for you

What got us here today, won't get us there tomorrow:

We know the majority of people on the planet want to contribute to tackling the various global crisis.

Millions of people around the world are busy changing how they work, live and make money.

It's just very challenging to know where to focus while you also navigate other unexpected and unplanned for life issues and new challenges caused by the global pandemic and extreme weather events.

At the same time during this turmoil, the regenerative renaissance is on its way to become mainstream and you don't want to miss out on transitioning your work and career to be part of the new economies.

Move with the times

Chances are regenerative business innovation is on the radar of executive teams and venture capitalists, and included in many organizations's innovation, talent, strategic partnering and future products and services strategies.

Are you interested in new competencies that will help you stay future fit as your industry and profession transition into the new paradigms and emerging economy?

Regeneration is not academic nor a spectator sport.  

You don't have to give up your city life to live in a permaculture community either.

We make it easy and accessible to learn, practice and grow  the language,  mindsets, networks and cultures to develop regenerative business innovation capabilities.

Our nature positive and green creativity interventions inspire the design and cultivation of the regenerative capacity of personal, cultural and ecosystem vitality.  

Our workshops and training contribute to the seeding of and cultivation of a  regenerative worldview, mindset and business innovation capabilities. 

We made sure it integrates into your routines and everyday life, while our community of practice and peer and mentor support helps you stay on track.

Personal Development and Strategic Leadership Innovation

EcoNova's online, self-paced education for individuals and teams

What differentiates our training, programs and workshops?

Don't expect your typical business school or consulting offering

  • Salutogenic design finding patterns towards healthy outcomes

  • Nature-connecting interventions to increase nature-relatedness, biophilia and ecosystem health

  • Principles of positive leadership and organizations for positive identity regeneration, to build pro-social innovations and cultures

  • New economy business design, including distributed networks and real economy impacts shifting cultural and economic activities back into alignment with life processes

  • Startup Regeneration from ideation to aligning vision, strategy and tactics for adoption and value generation

  • Design that is inherently restorative and therapeutic to support mental, physical and relationship health

  • Regenerative work, play and lifestyle community design, psychology and development

  • Nimble, solutions focused design to integrate into traditional organizational cycles and priorities

  • Cognitive Sovereignty: Giving people the power to interpret content and not have it interpreted for them

  • Wildcrafting: “The root of the word wild, which comes from the Old English and Germanic languages, is self-determining. Craft: A skill in planning, making or executing.

Business Value Proposition

What do you gain from learning regenerative business innovation skills?

  • First mover advantages in a new globally emerging movement

  • Skills and experience to distinguish hype from what is possible and do-able

  • Learning the art of conversations with people who are different to you

  • Program design and outcomes that support EESG Scorecards

  • New economy networks and emerging culture

  • Curated career development educational resources and models (save time and money)

  • Designing, starting and developing regenerative communities of practice

  • Our programs incorporate change management including strategic communications and transformational leadership

  • Skills and knowledge that are difficult to automate while generating new value and values

  • Trusted, visionary leadership skills that promotes hope into a better future