Personal Development and Strategic Leadership Innovation

EcoNova's online, self-paced education for individuals and teams

What differentiates our training, programs and workshops?

Don't expect your typical business school or consulting offering

  • Nature-connecting interventions to increase pro-nature conservation actions, environmental protection and human wellbeing

  • Principles of positive leadership and organizations for positive identity regeneration, to build pro-social innovations and social capital

  • Scalable and with the metaverse in mind

  • Design that is inherently restorative and therapeutic to support mental, physical and relationship health

  • The Neurosequential Model of Education

  • Nimble, solutions focused design to integrate into traditional organizational cycles and priorities

  • Designed as coaching and consulting pathways

  • Secular

Business Value Proposition

What do you gain from learning regenerative business innovation skills?

  • First mover advantages in a new globally emerging movement

  • Skills and experience to distinguish hype from what is possible and do-able

  • Learning the art of conversations with people who are different to you

  • Program design and outcomes that support strategy and performance objectives

  • New economy networks and emerging cultures

  • Curated career development educational resources and models (save time and money)

  • Designing, starting and developing regenerative communities of practice

  • Our programs incorporate change management including strategic communications and transformational leadership

  • Skills and knowledge that are difficult to automate while generating new value and values

  • Trusted, visionary leadership skills that promotes hope into a better future