Create a Nature Positive Life

Experience a personal regeneration journey with nature as your guide

From mindfulness to wildfulness

"Nature prescriptions were named one of the top 8 global wellness trends in 2019." PaRx Initiative, BC Parks Foundation

Positive Ecotherapy is a regenerative philosophy, vocabulary and techniques focused on enabling respectful  engagement with the natural world, promoting experiences of emotional relationships  and kinship with the undomesticated non-human world - and feeling better for it. 

This course answers questions such as 

  • How might I integrate nature experiences into the routine of daily life?
  • What new ideas and slight adaptions can be made to create positive nature connection in my workplace or at home?
  • How do I start my own journey to become a role model for a regenerative brand?

EcoNova's Positive Ecotherapy approach skillfully fuses applied positive psychology, ecopsychology, neuroleadership models of change and visual thinking  to create an innovative personal regeneration journey and digital experience.

Positive Ecotherapeutic Guides have completed their own positive ecotherapy journey. They deploy this foundational knowledge and skills to be educators and role models in their communities, sharing and inspiring others to gain knowledge, personal growth and wellbeing with nature as mentor.

Learn how to apply Positive Ecotherapy

Go on a nature-centric personal growth and wellbeing journey

Positive ecotherapy offers hope, health and meaning in a world where people are languishing from eco-anxiety, moral distress, digital fatigue, relationship conflicts and increasing lack of access to wild space. 

A whole brain workout, nature-based therapies have been important elements of the human history of health restoration, inspiring philosophers and artists, and contributed to new creativity and scientific discoveries.

Some physicians in the UK, Canada and USA prescribe it to patients.

Despite the many benefits, many people find many roadblocks in their way. It's hard to know where to start with so many books, webinars and information out there. 

We bust myths such a thinking you need to be a psychologist, can only practice in forests. or go on long hikes, know the names of trees, or be an expert in ecology to offer ecotherapeutic education and activities.

Experience the benefits of positive ecotherapy for yourself

Update your toolbox with personal regeneration processes, tools and activities

This regenerative leadership course aims to teach you how and why positive ecotherapy is a powerful personal development approach. It offers a ready-to-use coaching process to improve creativity, solutions development and wellbeing while also increasing environmental appreciation, respect and stewardship.

In this restorative self-leadership program you will go through a personal regenerative experience and learn positive ecotherapeutic tools, processes and activities that you can apply for your own personal growth and wellbeing. 

You will also be able to use it to help your clients, team members, family or communities to encourage them to take a step back from their busy lifestyles, do simple ecotherapeutic exercises and reconnect with things they have lost touch with.

Learning Goals

A regenerative, therapeutic journey taylored for people in busy work environments

  • Foundations of Ecotherapy

    Develop you own experiential understanding of positive ecotherapy, and articulate it in your own words based on personal insights and engagement with nature during the learning journey.

  • Applied Visual Thinking

    Explore visual thinking and green creativity as regenerative leadership skills. Visual thinking improves common understanding, enhances communication and supports long term memory.

  • A simple 5 Step Process

    Learn simple, repeatable skills, tools, patterns and standards, using indoors and outdoors activities to bring more nature-connected ways of thinking, relating and doing into your own and other people's lives.

Watch the course introduction video below to find out more


Watch Intro Video

An Introduction to Positive Ecotherapy

Find Growth, Knowledge and Wellbeing Through Nature

Benefits of this nature-based personal leadership program

People who completed the course report that the journey and positive ecotherapeutic activities:

  • Deepens relationships, trust, cooperation and finds common ground and reality

  • Is restorative (including attention restoration, mood restoration and relationship restoration)

  • Promotes positive emotions, builds confidence, generosity and hope

  • Nurtures empathy, imagination and creativity

  • Helps with bringing relief from feeling burnt out, irritability and reactivity

  • Enhances personal resilience and sense of agency during difficult times

  • Encourages physical movement and health and renewed appreciation of outdoors activities

  • Provides a sense of structure and being grounded during times of feeling overwhelmed due to constant adaptation to change

  • Immersing yourself in the language of ecotherapy increase ability to articulate connection and the importance of nature in a person's life

  • Opens up new ideas and opportunities for career and business growth

Who this course is for

Anyone who wants to go on a positive ecotherapeutic journey as a self help model to manage their health and wellbeing or use it to support others

  • Employee, business professionals and entrepreneurs interested in incorporating nature-based wellness and personal development at work and their lives

  • Health care professionals who are looking for creative new therapies to compliment their current practice and also support their own health

  • Leadership and organizational development experts who want to incorporate nature positive interventions in their work

  • Change management consultants who are looking for ways to support leaders and employees with rapid changes and change fatigue

  • Green Economy Entrepreneurs who are looking for nature based leadership and people development models and tools to support their values and culture

  • Sustainability professionals who want to implement scaleable and repeatable process and tools to create regenerative initiatives and culture transformation

  • Business Executive and Life Style Consultants and Coaches who want to incorporate nature positive pathways and tools for their clients

  • Innovators who want to create nature-connected products and services (including new technologies)

  • Human Resources experts exploring nature based employee and organizational resilience and wellbeing innovations

  • People who are looking for psycho-integration of rapid changes, including mystical or extraordinary experiences

What you are going to learn

  • What ecotherapy is and why it is becoming more popular as a personal and professional development practice

  • Foundations of ecotherapy (and how to distinguish ecotherapy from outdoors fitness and leisure)

  • How to do positive ecotherapeutic practices (instead of just theory)

  • A repeatable and scaleable ecotherapeutic model, practice and tools

  • Three brain health and cognitive skills practices to support attention restoration, gain more clarity, improve decision making and enhance creativity

  • How to achieve goals and realize your potential by cultivating nature connection and relatedness

  • Designing a nature-connecting process that is therapeutic within itself

Our Innovative Value Proposition

Therapeutic. Business User-Centric. Tested with busy professionals and business people in mind.

  • Small, achievable and approach goals for psychointegration

    Unlike modalities that set difficult goals to achieve, we fuse neurosciences and ecotherapeutic content with bite size action learning.

  • Virtual learning assessment meeting with an instructor

    Trust in and maintain the quality and standards expected for Positive Ecotherapeutic Guides. Learn how to use approved branding materials.

  • Free Startup Regeneration™ Community Membership

    Our team of mentors are available to support you during the learning journey. Network and attend live training, workshops and events.

Instructors for this course

We teach future skills that you currently won't learn in business school or at work

Lead Designer MaRi Eagar

Trained professionally as a public auditor and accountant and holding a Masters degree in Leadership Development (cum laude), MaRi is Canadian award winning Innovator, working professionally as a strategy, design thinker, innovation and leadership development professional in big four consultancies, public services, health care, financial services and emerging tech and culture. She now brings her skills to the emerging regenerative business innovation movement, with a focus on accelerating business adoption, utilization and investment in regenerative enterprise. Her vision is to support corporate professionals to master the new skills required to thrive in the new world we inhabit.

Senior instructor and Mentor Louhn Kuhn

You will find Louhn quietly sipping a cup of coffee outdoors, listening to the birds while she takes a break from her busy financial advisory business. With more than 20 years working in senior leadership roles leading high stakes capital investment projects developing airports, Louhn understands first hand the importance of incorporating nature-connected growth and development into high performance and demanding work and life routines. Louhn is the co-host of Startup Regeneration™, EcoNova Leaders' membership community where we master the skills and knowledge to regenerate our lives.

Instructor and Mentor Lee Chase

Growing up with opportunities to be in the wild spaces of Alberta, Canada, Lee can describe her experiences with nature and the sky in poetic language, with visual thinking, musicality and also practical knowledge of the way of trees and squirrels. Originally working in the energy and resources industry in Alberta, Lee now lives in Vancouver, Canada as a business advisor and client Relationship Manager. She is the Community lead for Positive Ecotherapeutic Guides, an excited to share the language, techniques and movements of positive ecotherapy with friends, colleagues and clients.

Join us in creating a more nature positive world!

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Social proof: testimonials

Thank you very much!

Eileen Egilson

"Thank you very much MaRi Eagar - you were an amazing facilitator & guide! I highly recommend this program for leaders looking to broaden their lens and expertise in sustainable, regenerative leadership practices."

Great to hear all the different views from across the globe

Hugo Coetzee

Thanks MaRi, was a great course with lots of learning and sharing happening almost daily. Was also great to hear all the different views from the various participants from across the globe.


  • Do I need to have a lot of nature literacy and knowledge, such as know the names of trees and birds, to be a Positive Ecotherapeutic Guide?

    One of the biggest obstacles people face in taking up ecotherapy as a practice, is thinking they need to first gain a high level of biological and ecological knowledge. This course will show you how easy it is to start your own practice and also share it with others, without the need to first study biology, forests, nature navigation and more.

  • Is it possible to learn about ecoctherapy if I live in an apartment in a high rise building in a city?

    This course was developed while living in a small apartment in a city, during various public health restrictions. Nature inspiration was found going outdoors to find nature in my local area and appreciating even little bits of gras growing in the sidewalks. Yes. You don't need to travel far to find a park or go away to hike a mountain to learn ecotherapy.

  • Do you offer any live workshops and mentor support while I complete this course?

    Although this is an self-paced, online course, we ensured you have access to ongoing, live workshops to deepen your knowledge. In our discussion forum a dedicated host, Lee Chase, will be there to help you network and connect with other participants. Our course completion activities includes a virtual interview with one of our instructors.

  • Do I need a background as a therapist, psychologist or counselor to become a Positive Ecotherapeutic Guide

    No. This training equips you with nature-connecting tools and practices to support yourself and others with addressing nature deficit, digital and cognitive fatigue, improve energy, improve stress management, motivation and emotional regulation. The purpose of the program is not to address mental health issues that fall under the expert domain of mental health professionals, such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress. If you have a background as a mental health professional, the positive ecotherapeutic tools and practices you will learn in this course will compliment your current toolkit.

  • Why are you not running a community on Facebook?

    We want to support your digital wellbeing, and provide a creative digital garden and regenerative community where visiting and participating will be therapeutic within itself. That is not possible to achieve on Facebook at the moment. Our research also indicates that more and more people are no longer using Facebook, and we don't want to "force" them back to a platform they no longer want to utilize.

  • Do you offer sponsorships?

    We are committed to make positive ecotherapy accessible. Should you face financial constraints in enrolling for this course, we can discuss a sponsorship approach. Our sponsor model incorporates a reciprocal contribution to EcoNova, such as volunteer work, helping with referrals, and more. Contact a course instructor to find out.

  • Is this course suitable for group work?

    This course is purpose designed to enable individual learning and also for learning in a group and community. Talk to us to find out about group discounts. Our instructors are also available to provide advise and tips for a group (or organizational) approach to the course.